Baby Music Course




  • Initiation in all language skills

  • Fostering a liking and curiosity for language learning

  • Linguistic and cultural immersion



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The Academia Británica English course for very young children, Baby Music, is designed to start the child off on the path of learning the English language while still a baby, in a natural and fun way. The music develops and complements the child’s linguistic expression, creativity and motor skills. 

Baby Music: introduction to the English language in a fun way, with games and musical expression

Guided training given by teachers who specialise in language teaching from early childhood

The parents play an essential role and participate in the classes, and whenever they wish, parents can ask any questions in personalized tutorials to learn how their children are progressing as they take their first steps on their language learning journey.


From the age of 6 months to 2 years old.

Native teachers specialized in teaching languagesto young children.

Flexible hours.

1 – 2 hours a week.

Nº. students: 3 – 8 students per group

Parental participation in class.

A range of classes depending on parents’ availability.

Extra activities prepared for Halloween, Christmas, Carnival, etc.

Follow-up: Tutorials and personalized coaching