Cambridge Exam Preparation Courses in English for Professionals




  • In-depth study of the language

  • Linguistic and cultural immersion

  • Improvement in all language skills

  • Preparation for obtaining official qualification



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This course is aimed at preparing for the Cambridge exams to obtain the official qualification. As the student’s objective is to prepare the official Cambridge exam, we offer the chance to take practice exams or “mocks”, to prepare them in the best possible way, and give specialised tips for speaking and exam strategies.

Improve your language skills, boost your language knowledge and prepare the Cambridge exam

The best possible preparation, with tips on specialised exam strategies, to improve your use of the language and pass the official exams

Our learning method through linguistic immersion and the in-depth study of the six areas that learning a language entails, is adapted in this case with a specific approach towards obtaining the official certificate.

In addition to face-to-face classes, the student’s academic progress will be monitored through personalised tutorials.


Levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

Days: Monday to Saturday.

Timetable: Mornings and afternoons

Nº. of students: 4 to 12 students per group

Mode: Face-to-face or Online ‘Bimodal’

Exams: Cambridge Mocks, Exam Skills Classes and Conversation Classes

Follow-up: Tutorials and personalized coaching

Acabri Campus online platform

HelpClub: revision classes to consolidate your learning