One company, one team, one vision

Academia Británica is a matrix organization featuring a perfect synergy between the commercial and academic team, which allows us to cater to our students’ needs and possibilities, and to inspire them to do their best.

Academia Británica has international networks, a dynamic structure and a multicultural, up-to-date concept of language teaching, with an academic set-up which is fully aware of the academic and professional challenges faced by our students today.

The professional teachers from Academia Británica are highly qualified and fully versed in the latest teaching techniques and tools, as well as sharing a vocation to providing personalized, friendly, proactive teaching, which is specially tailored to the needs and characteristics of the students.

This group of professional teachers, numbering over 100 in the Academia Británica schools in Andalusia, approach their work as an interconnected, co-operative team, with a fully-inclusive ethical vocation to the students, their colleagues and the school. Our aim, in turn, is for this work to have an impact on the progress and well-being of the society we live in.

Our teachers, the best guarantee for our students

Right at the heart of our daily work are our students, and they and their training needs are the main concern of Academia Británica’s most prized asset: the teaching staff.

These highly qualified men and women have a strong vocation to language teaching and whose main aim is to meet the specific needs of our students: they are teachers who provide the personalized touch to learning a language.

Our main asset, the teaching staff, is the greatest guarantee for Academia Británica clients.

The teachers who teach the courses here are:

  • Officially qualified and trained to teach their language.
  • Focused on helping to meet the needs of our students.
  • Holders of a university degree.
  • Able to teach languages ​​as their mother tongue (English, French, German and Spanish).
  • Contracted under good-quality working conditions and treated professionally.
  • Supervised and supported by a team of Academic Managers in each branch of the school.
  • Monitored and systematically evaluated at regular intervals.
  • Kept up-to-date with the latest developments in teaching via regular in-service training held in weekly seminars.