Creating maximum value for the student, contributing to the progress of society, accompanying the family

Academia Británica, as an academic institution, makes the student the focal point of all its work: our mission is to create and add value to the our students’ personal experience and train them for the future challenges they will face in work and in life.

How do we do it? The Academia Británica project brings together all its experience and that of its professional staff, the latest teaching technology and a high-quality educational environment, to enable our students to grow and make a qualitative leap forward in their language learning.

Academia Británica is also fully committed to our employees’ developing, renewing their expertise and keeping fully abreast of the latest developments, as well as the idea of ​​providing the optimal conditions for them to carry out their work and give free rein to their vocation, with all the benefits which that accrues for our students and their learning.

To achieve these objectives, the Academia Británica uses teaching materials endorsed by the standards of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR), taught through a communicative methodology which addresses the four areas of language competences: Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.

In this way, students at Academia Británica acquire:

  • Skills to be able to express themselves correctly in a wide range of situations, follow a conversation and express their personal opinions.
  • Skills for social interaction.
  • Techniques for using persuasive language and negotiation skills.
  • Improved grammar, phonetics and phonology.

In all our courses, depending on the level, the contents include:

  • Discursive content.
  • Functional content:
    • Expressing knowledge, opinions and beliefs.
    • Making social contacts and conveying feelings to others.
    • Expressing attitudes and feelings in a wide range of situations.
    • Expressing offers, intentions, wishes and decisions.
    • Giving instructions for the listener to act.
  • Insight into the relation between sounds and the written word:
    • Phonetic symbols and phonology.
    • Spelling rules
  • Grammar.
  • Lexical, semantic and socio-cultural content.

The overall mission of Academia Británica is to increase our students’ level of knowledge, skills and competences and thus improve their ability to operate successfully in today’s professional world.