Academia Británica schools are specially adapted, accessible, dynamic premises equipped with all the educational and training requirements needed by the students and teachers of today. In addition, in these times of Covid-19, we have implemented an exhaustive Covid-19 security protocol in order to bring greater peace of mind to our students and their families (see further below).

On the premises on all four of our schools, we provide attractive, private spaces for our students so that they can enjoy the perfect learning experience. Our premises are like a continuation of their workplaces, schools or even, in the case of younger learners, a continuation of their homes.

For learning and teaching to be fully effective, the premises where it takes place must be comfortable, warm, welcoming and easily accessible to all students; only then can they become places where our students socialize and enrich their personal, academic and professional relationships.

This is what our schools are like: attractive, lively venues, which appeal to our students.

Córdoba: Centro School

Calle Rodríguez Sánchez nº 15, 14003
957 470 350

Córdoba: Sierra School

Calle Dolores Ibárruri, 29
957 40 48 40

Huelva: Centro School

Calle Rico, 20
959 24 65 29

Huelva: Trigueros School

Calle Picasso n1
959 24 65 29