In compliance with the guidelines and recommendations given by the health authorities, and other measures that Academia Británica has decided to implement in the interests of greater security, we have designed the #StaySafe Anti Covid-19 Protocol to continue with our work and facilitate access and use of the facilities in our four schools.

So how does it work?

At the entrance and in communal areas

  • The recommended safety distance between people of 1.5 metres must be strictly observed.
  • Digital infrared thermometers are available at the entrance to take your temperature.
  • A hands-free gel dispenser and a disinfectant mat have been installed at the school entrance.
  • Protective screens have been set up to facilitate customer service.
  • A hands-free drinking water dispenser has been installed.
  • Hands-free hydroalcoholic gel dispensers, paper towels and bottles of disinfectant have been placed throughout the communal areas of the school.
  • Signage has been installed to direct the flow of people through our schools and an isolation area has been assigned.

In the classrooms and during lessons

  • A member of staff has been made responsible for ensuring that the #StaySafe protocol is always complied with.
  • The maximum capacity per classroom established by the health authorities is strictly adhered to.
  • A 1.5 metre separation is always maintained between students’ desks.
  • Face masks are always worn by students, teachers and all other staff.
  • The classrooms are aired for 5 minutes between lessons.
  • The classrooms have also been equipped with hydroalcoholic gel dispensers, paper towels and bottles of disinfectant.
  • Teachers and students alike are obliged to maintain social distancing when moving around the school.
  • Disinfectant sprays and paper towels are used to wipe clean all desks, keyboards, tables, chairs, etc., between lessons.

Other measures

  • We have doubled-up the cleaning in all areas of our schools.
  • We try to ensure all administrative processes, such as enrolment or payments, etc., are carried out electronically, but also in our teaching work, tutorials are conducted online, and we have adapted to our students’ needs and availability, as well as adapting the teaching materials to meet the requirements of online teaching.
  • Most importantly, we have used our online teaching capacity to the full to offer our students an optimal, improved experience with our ‘bimodal’ teaching system.