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Our professional staff

Marco Cremades


Hello, I’m Marco!
As the CEO of the company, I am inspired by the cultural and linguistic richness of my homeland, Andalusia, to ensure all our students experience an unforgettable cultural immersion.

Ángela Cremades


Hello, I’m Ángela!
A good wine and some "tapas" are hallmarks of Andalusia. I look forward to enjoying them with you here!

Rafael Valenzuela

Commercial Director

Hello! My name is Rafa Valenzuela, I studied business administration and management. I have been working in the company for 5 years. I consider myself an extrovert person, ambassador of my land and I love salmorejo. If you have any questions I will always be here to help you

Luisa Pérez

Head of Studies, ELE teacher, DELE examiner

Hello! My name is Luisa. Graduated in Educational Sciences and specialised in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, I have accumulated international experience as a teacher in Italy and the UK, as well as DELE examiner and leadership roles in educational institutions. From the cobbled streets of Cordoba to the bustling classrooms of the UK, I have brought a taste of my homeland wherever I go. Passionate about contributing to the growth of students, I find gratification in witnessing their linguistic and cultural development in a multicultural environment.

Toñi Ríos

Sales Manager

Hello, I’m Toñi!
Andalusia captivated me with its flamenco art, its radiant sun, and its warm people. Here, I found my home.

Pilar Ordóñez

Sales Associate

Hello, I’m Pilar!
In every corner of my land, I find a kind smile, a gesture of hospitality, and exquisite Iberian ham.

Juan Ortiz

IT Manager

Hello, I’m Juan!
In my Andalusia, I discover a piece of history, a touch of joy, and olives so delicious they capture my heart.

Pilar Quero

Administration Manager

Hello, I’m Pilar!
Andalusia taught me that life is lived with passion, savoured with every tapa, and danced to the rhythm of flamenco until dawn.

Ana Leticia Portero


Hello! My name is Ana Leticia, I have a degree in Hispanic Philology, I have been teaching Spanish as a second language for almost fifteen years, enjoying every moment in the classroom and learning from the cultural diversity of my students. And after so many years teaching Spanish, it could be said that I know more proverbs than patios in Cordoba.

María Escudero


Hello! My name is María, Spanish teacher for foreigners with international experience, official DELE exam preparer and examiner, passionate about her work and a lover of music, travel, theatre and salmorejo.

Leticia Martin


Hello! My name is Leti, a Spanish teacher originally from Montilla, Córdoba, with experience in Seville and Barcelona, passionate about teaching her language and enjoying her homeland, reading, music and travelling. My greatest satisfaction is getting to know different cultures and observing the progress of her students in the language; who knows, maybe the scent of the orange trees of my beloved Cordoba will also be present in my classes!

Julia Rey


Hello! My name is Julia Rey. I graduated in digital marketing at ESIC business school. Passionate about the digital world and trends. If I had to define myself in one word it would be enthusiastic. My passion? Good music and croquetas.

Jesús Garrido


Hello! My name is Jesús Garrido- My experience spans more than six years teaching Spanish as a foreign language, from leading classes adapted to different levels to preparing and assessing DELE exams, complemented by my participation in cultural and academic activities as a Modern Languages Assistant in the UK. I have taught Spanish in so many places that I feel like the Guadalquivir, always flowing and bringing knowledge wherever I go!